Ampermetre si voltmetre analogice pentru montaj pe panou cu doua comutatoare, tip 96AVS

The instrument is suitable for measuring of line- and phase voltage,
as well as line current in 4-wire 3-phase networks.
The error-display LED is indicating in case of phase drop out.
The scale is calibrated according to the primary current.
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producator: Ganz

Technical data

Movement: Moving-iron movement with spring-type oil filled bearings, practically vibration-free oil damping.

Class of accuracy: ±1.5 %

Permanent overload: 1.2 fold voltage.

Scale length: 75 mm

Frequency range: 15 ... 50 ... 100 Hz.

Instrument case: Made of steel-plate.

Weight: -max. 0.8 kg

Fixing elements: with two spring-type fastening clips



The instrument can only be used with current transformer!