Ampermetre si voltmetre analogice pentru montaj pe panou cu scala intersanjabila de 90 grade, tip LA; LV

For measuring AC current or voltage.
Type 48L...,72L... and 96L… are with interchangeable scale.
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producator: Ganz

Technical data:

Movement: Moving-iron with spring-type oil filled bearing, vibration-free oil damping.

Instrument case: non-flammable plastic according to UL 94-V1 or metal on request. On special request voltmeters as well as ammeters up to 6A will be supplied with plastic terminal cover.

Scale length: 40 mm (48L…), 62 mm (72L…),

                  102 mm (96L…). 152 mm (144L…).

Permanent overloading: 1.2 -fold current res. voltage.

Class of accuracy: 1.5

Frequency range: 15...50...100 Hz

Weight:  0.15 kg (48L…), 0.2 kg (72L…),

            0.35 kg (96L…). 0.8 kg (144L…).

Fixing elements: plastic clips or two spring-type fastening clips for metal case instruments