Ampermetre si voltmetre analogice pentru montaj pe panou cu scala la 240 grade si redresor pentru CA, tip cDwA; cDwV

For measuring AC current respective voltage
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producator: Ganz

Technical data:

Movement: moving-coil with pivot spring type bearing

Instrument case: steel-plate.

Scale length: 72mm (48cDw…),

                  109mm (72cDw…),

                  140mm (96cDw…)

                  230mm (144cDw…)

Permanent  overloading: 1.2 -fold current res. voltage

Class of accuracy: 1.5 for sinusoidal AC, (calibration is true r.m.s.)

Frequency range: -15 … 50 … 5000 Hz for all voltmeters and ammeters at range of 1 mA to 600 mA, -50 … 60 Hz for ammeters at range of 1 A to 5 A

Weight: 0.30kg (48cDw…), 0.40 kg (72cDw…),

            0.55 kg (96cDw…) 0.80 kg (144cDw…)

Fixing elements: with two spring type fastening clips (DIN 43 835 "A")