Ampermetru analogic cu indicarea maximului la 8 minute sau 15 minute, pentru montaj pe panou, cu scala la 90 grade, tip B; BL

For measuring the maximum current in period of 8 or 15 min.
The red slave maximum pointer remains always at the
maximum. The pointer can be resetted by the white reset
knob on the front. The 72 and 96 mm sized instruments have
interchangeable scales.
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producator: Ganz

Technical data:

Ranges: 1A + 20%= 1.2A (bimetal)

            5A + 20%= 6A (bimetal)

            1A + 100% overload – moving iron

            5A + 100% overload – moving iron

Class of accuracy: ±3 % for bimetal (B)

                        ±1.5 % for moving-iron (BL)

Case: - steel plate, black colour

       - plastic, non flammable, UL 94-V1

Fixing elements: 48 mm and 72 m instruments with two spring type fastening clips (DIN 43835A)

                       96 mm with two screw type fastening clips