Cosfimetru analogic ferodinamic pentru montaj pe panou cu scala la 90 grade, tip FQ

For measuring power factor (cosϕ) in AC.
The ...FQa type can be used in single-phase and the …FQb type
in three-phase balanced load system.
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producator: Ganz

Technical data:

Movement: Iron-core, ferrodynamic, spring-type oil filled pivot bearing

Class of accuracy: 2.5

Instrument case: steel-plate

Scale length: 85 mm (96FQ…), 140 mm (144sFQ…)

Operating range: 0.2 x IN –1.2 x IN

Frequency range: 45 ... 50 ... 60 Hz ( ...FQb ), 49,5...50...50,5 Hz ( ...FQa )

Permanent overloading: 1.2 x rated current and 1.2 x rated voltage at cosϕ=1

Consumption: max. 12 VA in the current section and max. 20 mA in the voltage section

Protection: casing IP50 and terminals IP00

Weight: 0.8 kg (96FQ…), 1.2 kg (144sFQ…)

Fixing elements: with two spring-type fastening clips (DIN 43835 "B")