Sincronoscop analogic pentru montaj pe panou cu scala la 240 grade, tip 96SY

For synchronising 2 systems, indicating if the alternator to be coupled,is more or less advanced or retarded with respect to mains or another generator.
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producator: Ganz

Technical data:

Instrument function: Revolving pointer system. Indicating the synchronising moment when frequency and phase of both supplies have the same values. Then the pointer will be on the upper centre of scale.

Instrument case: steel-plate.

Frequency: For single phase 50 Hz ±1% or 60 Hz ±1%.

For three phase 50 Hz ±3% or 60 Hz ±3%

Consumption: Line approx. 20 mA

Generator approx. 20 mA.

Protection: Casing IP50; adapter box IP20 and terminals IP00.

Weight: Approx. 0,8 kg.

Fixing elements: with two screw-type fastening clips (DIN 43835 "A").