Sursa de alimentare programabila pentru CC, LUMEL - HAPSA

HAPSA-3515 programmable power supply is a new generation of programmable DC power supplies. It protects itself by warning and cutting off output once fun controlling module gets fault, transistor over-heating, and internal bus gets fault.
producator: Lumel
  • It is of programmable CV/ CC adjustable step. The two working states, CV and CC, can be switched varying with the load. Meantime, the external voltage sampling terminal is supplied to output stable voltage for user load within the range of wire voltage drop.

    HA-PSA3515 programmable power supplies are widely applied in national defense, institution, university and factory, especially in the areas of computer measuring and automatic control system as DC power supply.


    • - All digital controlled, output 1mV/1mA step
    • - High stability, Low drift
    • - LED display the voltage/current and working status visually
    • - Intelligent temperature controlled fun with low noise
    • - Storage and recall function
    • - OVP (Over Voltage Protection) function
    • - Keypad locked function to avoid the misoperation
    • - Standard RS232 interface