Ampermetre si voltmetre analogice pentru montaj pe panou cu dubla functionare, tip 48sdD

For measuring DC current or voltage on two
separate networks simultaneously.
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producator: Ganz

Technical data:

Movement: moving-coil with pivot and spring-type bearing

Instrument case: steel-plate

Frame dimension: 48x48 mm

Scale length: 29 mm and 31 mm

Permanent overloading: 1.2 -fold current res. voltage

Class of accuracy: 2.5

Protection: casing IP50; terminals IP00 in accordance with DIN 40050

Weight: 0.25 kg

Fixing elements: with two screw-type fastening clips (DIN 43835 "B")


IMPORTANT: the ranges of the two movements are independent from each other.

Current ranges: +/- 50 μA …. 1A

Voltage ranges: +/- 50 mV … 300V

The tolerance of the internal resistance is generally ±20%.

Scales for instruments as requested.