Contor orar analogic pentru montaj pe panou, tip BS

Hour meters 72BS and 96BS are mainly used in switchboard
together with other instruments with the same size.
Hour meters are connected paralell to the control circuit and are
running only if the machine or apparatus is in service.
After owerflowing the 99999,99 h the counter pass the zero again.
Zero reset is not available
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producator: Ganz

Technical data:                          AC

Terminals:                                 Screw terminals

Voltage:                                   230V (±10%)

Frequency:                               50 Hz

Motor:                                     Synchronmotor

Protection:                               IP40 Front side

Operating temperature:             - 25ºC.....+80ºC

Reading:                                  1/100 hour (36 sec)

Range:                                    99.999,99h

Number of digits:                     5 numbers, 2 decimal

Digit height:                            4 mm

Digit colour:                            - numbers: white;  - decimal: red

Frame colour.                         black

Fixing element:                       with two screws